Cant we keep anything stock LOL Bmw I8 gets lowered.

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The BMW I8 looks great from the factory :) but the wheel gap between the tires and fender is not to our liking, so first thing first is to install some lowering springs from H&R which will give us the looks that we are shooting for but still stay practical.

Here's what stock ride height looks like

To pop the hood on the I8 it does take little bit more work than normal, we are assuming BMW don't want the people to look under the hood where the electric motor sits...

There is a little cover that hides the hood release cable and you have to open the doors the get to them on both side.

Also would like to note that is a two person job because once you popped the hood there are no hood stays.. you have to insert a bolt or a screwdriver through a hole in the hinge to keep the hood open.

Installation for the lower springs is pretty straight forward.

And the strut is out :)

Next is onto our spring compressor to do the transfer

The the H&R springs that we are using it gives us about a 1 inch drop.

Here is the difference with the new spring installed.

While we were at it we added a set of ECS 15mm wheel spacer on all four corner to give the factory wheel more on of stance look.

These hub eccentric spacer are a perfect and it also comes with longer lug bolts.

Here is a picture from the side you could see the wheels fit much better now :)

Alignment should always be done when the ride height is changed, as the ride height affects your toe in the alignment setting, plus it never hurts to make it little bit more aggressive so it corners better :)

Here is the finish product.

Before and after ;)



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