Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2500 Van Bulid ( Flooring )

Posted by Chi Ho on

For this week we will be installing *hardwood flooring* to our adventure van, it should give us that fancy and clean look that we are looking for lol.

Here is the type of flooring we picked out from good ole home depot. They are laminate plank flooring which will gives us that wood floor look that we are shooting for, plus is 100% water proof and works well on slightly uneven surfaces.

Here how the floor of the van looked when we got it, those sliver tracks were use for the OEM branch seats.

The previous owner of the van had couple of dogs so we wanted to make sure is all clean before laying the floors down. Here's what we got from just vacuuming :o

First is to remove all the seat tracks,trims and D-rings than fill it all the openings with some wood. The way those holes was they were little tricky, we had to fill it with three different piece get to the perfect fill.

Hard at work, with the help from my Pop who is excellent at wood working :)

Once all the holes were fill we started to lay down the floors it was pretty simply, they clips together like a puzzle, to ensure a tight fit we use a rubber hummer to tap them together.

Reinstalled all the trim pieces and its ALL DONE !!!! we are really happy on how it came out.

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