Led lighting and custom interior trim on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2500

Posted by Chi Ho on

We are getting really close to our deadline so we have been pushing extra to get this project completed, this week we putted in alot of hours after business to get it closer to the finish line. We added some LED lighting to light up the cabin and also some behind our custom trim panel to give it a nicer touch.

Up first is the added LED by the sliding door to light up the step for getting in and out.

We added one on each side :)

Than we added some LED stripes for all the window where the custom trim panel will go.

We wired it so all of them will come on when the door is open.

The custom door panel probably took the longest out of the parts so far, because its fully custom where every window cover was marked up by cardboard than transfer over the 1/4 thick ABS sheet.

After that we wrapped with it with the same color as other interior trim just like the entertainment center and all the parts that follows.

First one done!

Here is the finished product :)


Really hoping to get this project done so we could try it out on thanksgiving weekend for the first road trip.




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