The Benz sprinter gets runnng board and window tinted

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This week we installed the running board onto the sprinter it should makes getting in and out of the van little easier, the runner board was ordered from Vanguard, we loved the way the look, although in the description it states that does not fit sprinter van with rear AC but we didn't run into any problem installing it on ours. We would say the installation for running board / side step are little more involved than a normal car because there no pre-drill holes under chassis for them. But all in all  wasn't too bad.

Here's what the kit looks like out of the box

 We figure we would start on the driver side since its smaller so will be good practice. Start by drilling new holes onto the pitch weld. ( Raniq is handling the installation on this weeks project, if any single woman who is look for a handsome man that is good with his hands and tools hit us up ;) J/k we think he might have a GF... so he says)

Than attached the mounting bracket, four bolts on the pitch weld where we drilled earlier.

Another four bolt on each bracket making it total of six for each support.

Note that the rear AC line, we don't see any interference on this. Also we notice after few days the mounting that runs horizontal had moved so we added a spot weld to keep it straight.

Here with the driver side finished.

Up next the passenger side, pretty much the same process measure twice drill once :)

all the bracket mounting hole drilled and bracket installed

finally adjustment to make sure is level and also spot welded bottom bracket to make sure they stay level.

All done !!! Total for the install took about 4 hours guess is not too bad with the amount of work was involved.

Window tinting we want to keep the heat out as much as possible so our friend over at Auto Overhaul helps us pick up the darkest legal window tint possible and we love the blacked out look.


Stay tune for more update!!


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