The search for best Adventrue mobile !!! ( Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2500 )

Posted by Chi Ho on

Dynasty Racing's new project has arrived!!!! We have been searching for the best Adventure / Camper / Tow Vehicle, and pretty much a vehicle that fits all of our needs. Our key goal was to have a vehicle that could tow at least 5,000 LB, holds six passengers and is not too horrible gas mileage ( our big semi race hauler already burns enough fossil fuel, figured we need something that will help off set that lol ). After months of research, what we came up with is this Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van 2500, It's rated to tow 7500lb which should work well for a single race car on a open trailer or our 24 foot boat :) it has enough room to hold up to 12 passengers and also comes with a 4 cylinder diesel engine that gets about 23mpg when not towing and should get between 13-15 mpg while towing 3000lb, don't hold those number against us that's just strictly from internet researching (we will update with real world data once we get it up and running). These types of vans are becoming more popular for people who wants to convert to a road trip vehicle / mini RV / live in van. We believe it's due to all because the reasons above. The 4 cylinder diesel engine has been proven reliable. The only downside that we see so far is parts availability as there's not much platform that uses this engine right now in the US. We hope to see this 4 cylinder diesel engine in more platforms in the future, so that will make getting replacement parts a lot easier. But with the success that its having we don't see why not. In the coming weeks we will begin to modify the van to fit our needs because we just cant leave anything stock lol, please stay tuned for future updates we hope to keep you guys up to date at least once a week on the progress, Cheers!!!!

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