The bmw I8 gets clean up and some visual goody

Posted by Chi Ho on

Finally got a chance to bring the BMW i8 to get the first detail and CQuartz ceramic coated (which should makes it easier to keep it looking clean). Our friend Angel at Clear Cut Detailing was happy to help us out with this project. We and our customers have been using Clear Cut Detailing for years knowing the magic they could do we told them to do the works on the BMW I8. Many hours was invested in this detail with a high expectation from previous example of work done by Clear cut. We were still shocked when we saw the final product its truly amazing. Even more surprised with a practically new car how a professional detail could take it to another level. 

The picture speaks for itself. 

The hood before (close up)

Half way


window side trim before


Door trim before



While we are making the car look good we also added couple carbon goody a Vorsteiner front lip and rear duckbill. But before the install we also send it to Clear Cut Detailing to make sure is up to the standard :)

Vorsteiner makes super high quality parts but Angel still did his little magic to make it crystal shine.



The fitment was prefect from Vorsteiner


Stay tuned for more update coming up.



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